Radiant Electric Heart - Imagefilm

To mark the arrival of the new selection of seasonal Gift Kits, A Futurist Assembly, AESOP and Another Slang offer a fresh interpretation of the Italian Futurists’ manifesto by F.T. Marinetti. First published in Le Figaro in 1909, this articulation of the movement’s philosophy and aims is part polemic, part avant-garde prose. The Futurists were a congregation of psyched out dreamers during the early 1900s.

This group glorified the energy and speed of modern life together with the dynamism and violence of the new technological society. Cultural revolutionaries as their work was provocative in the extreme. Futurism founder Filippo Tommaso Marinetti‘s writing was as much a visual art as a literary one.

Aesop has been passionate with this project for the last 10 months, paying their homage to these enlightened minds. We were excited when Aesop approached us to develop a cinematic approach for the international digital market. Citing Marinetti’s Futurism Manifesto, “We had stayed up all night, my friends and I, under hanging mosque lamps with domes of filigreed brass, domes starred like our spirits, shining like them with the prisoned radiance of electric hearts.” - here is our take on the subject "Radiant Electric Heart".
Our Services:
Film Production / Creative Direction
Client: AESOP

Production by: Another Slang
Directed by: Charles Bals / Another Slang
Camera by: Denis Guth
Creative Direction by: Charles Bals / Another Slang
Music by: Jonathan Wulfes