Corporate Identity - Packaging Design

Barbara Sturm commissioned Another Slang with her corporate identity rebranding as well as with the entire product line design. The result is an amazing package range reaching from outside boxing to a variety of tubes, flacons and ampoules. Now available at Net-A-Porter, the world’s biggest online store for beauty labels and designer fashion. Dr Sturm’s products, with their powerful active ingredient Purslane, have become one of the newest trends at the London-based internet giant.

The hyaluronic acids used by Dr. Sturm are readily compatible with human tissue, they are manufactured biosynthetically and they contain no constituent elements derived from animals. Their composition is broadly similar to the body's own, differing only in that they are more resilient and take longer for the body to break down.
Our Services:
Art Direction / Packaging Design / Corporate Identity
Client: Dr. Barbara Sturm

Production by: Another Slang
Corporate Identity and branding by: Charles Bals / Another Slang
Photography by: Amos Fricke