Visual Content - Artwork

The founders Veronika Heilbrunner, lately working at Harper’s Bazaar as Style Editor, and Julia Knolle, Ex- Editor at VOGUE Digital, are the Berlin based duo behind “hey woman!”. Their unique magazine offers a subjective view on fashion, modern culture and beauty, providing a new home on the web for smart, fun loving, elegant and bright women.

Veronika Heilbrunner & Julia Knolle commissioned Another Slang to create a visual signature for their PAST PERFECT column, in which iconic personalities are met in a modern context. We have decided to approach this ongoing project with a pair of scissors, glue and in few cases also glitter powder and matches.
Our Services:
Creative Direction / Art Direction
Client: Hey Woman!

Production by: Another Slang
Artwork by : Charles Bals / Another Slang
Creative Direction by: Another Slang