Jeep X Elyas - Limited Calendar

Everyone knows that a Jeep is the ultimate outdoor and off-road vehicle. That’s why it was time to remind people that it is also every bit as stylish and luxurious as it is rugged. An eye-catching urban statement, yet the ultimate companion to venture off the beaten tracks. The result is the Jeep X Elyas calendar. A timeless piece of design or even art, featuring carefully composed multi-picture still-life layouts, that do much more than just showcase the cars.

A perfect mix of beautifully abstract urban impressions, high-end car photography and brand ambassador-gone-model Elyas M’Barek, makes every page part of a bigger story. Visually, a strong commitment to the clear lines of urban architecture and car detailing ties all the elements together, while avoiding any form of unnecessary clutter.

Photographed by Amos Fricke and creative directed by Another Slang, it was produced in strictly limited numbers. Each one of them hand-signed and crafted to perfection. From the texture of the recycled paper, to the buffalo-leather packaging that doubles as a laptop case, every element has been carefully chosen to seamlessly bridge Jeep’s outdoor DNA with high end, urban style.
Our Services:
Creative Direction / Product Design / Art Direction
Client: Jeep

Production by: Another Slang
Product Design and Creative Direction by: Charles Bals & Alexandre Briatore / Another Slang
Art Direction Print by: Alexandre Briatore / Another Slang
Photography by: Amos Fricke