Me & John - Website

The combination of technology and a sensual female look & feel is a true challenge. Our aim was to reach out to the John Frieda® target customer, the high-minded, dainty woman; to impress her and turn her into an engaged customer through high-end contemporary editorial content development. This includes films, tutorials, photo shoots and articles all showcased in an up-to-the-minute full responsive magazine.

Besides the magazine Another Slang is in charge of John Friedas® social media marketing plan. Our highest goal is to create an engaged customer who can count on John Frieda® as a brand. „Me&John. Together we can.“ is the promise of the brand. A promise which has to be kept, especially in Social Media, one of the most important touchpoints between customer and brand. Through #-campaigns, opinion leader marketing an editors team with a fashion & lifestyle background as well as constant community management we keep track with the customer, talk to her and make her return. „Me&John. Together we can.“
Our Services:
Digital Production / Creative Direction
Client: John Frieda® DACH
Concept: Parasol Island / Another Slang / Developed by: Parasol Island / Account Direction: Lydia Gries / Editorial Team: Anna Hartmann & Kiki Albrecht