Who is Sir Oliver - Campaign Film

Another Slang was commissioned to develop an unconventional campaign for the introduction of the new line 'SIR OLIVER 1969' launched by german retail brand S.Oliver. We created a mystery campaign that reveals as little of the collection as possible.

Asking "Who Is Sir Oliver?" quickly became the lead idea behind all measures and as part of the package we directed a mood mosaic, freely inspired by the french Nouvelle Vague oeuvre of film director Jean Luc Godard. The film has been projected from a military truck in all major cities of Germany and raised a lot of attention both in press and blogs.
Our Services:
Film Production / Creative Direction
Client: Sir Oliver / s.Oliver

Production by: Another Slang & Parasol Island
Directed & Camera by: Charles Bals / Another Slang
Creative Concept by: Charles Bals / Another Slang & Lydia Gries
Music by: Jonathan Wulfes