Beauty Persists - Campaign Film

Another Slangs kicks off a new era for Zoeva showcasing a new fingerprint and confidence in the history of the German cosmetic brand. We created a film campaign with three fantastic worlds - hand-built so we could achieve stunning special effects on set and in camera, while shooting. Watch this film in which we merged minimal geometric shapes with an ethnic vibe, tropical elements and even an apocalyptic ancient valley of temples.
Our Services:
Creative Direction / Film Production

„There’s purity in all beginnings.“

- Zoeva
Client: Zoeva Cosmetics

Production by: Parasol Island & Another Slang
Directed by: Charles Bals / Another Slang & Jonas Lindstroem
Creative Direction: Charles Bals / Another Slang & Jonas Lindstroem
Camera by: Denis Guth
Set Design by: Charles Bals / Another Slang & Elena Mora
Sound Design & Music by: Jonathan Wulfes